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Pedals and Guitar Electronic Upgrades

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Products and Services

Custom Scratchplates

Unique custom scratchplate design for your guitar, carefully cut by hand to fit your instrument.

Custom Pedals

Built to your specifications, crammed with useful sounds, expertly wired, and tailored through rigorous testing.


Electronics Upgrades

With every guitar theres a whole host of secret tones you can get without having to change your pickups.


Our Story

TinyTone was born out of Jacks Instrument Services, a team of specialist luthiers based in Manchester passionate about setting up and repairing guitars. Over the years we have built up a solid musician clientele who demanded personal service for their guitar and sound needs Every custom pickguard, pedal and guitar electonics unit we make is crafted to reflect the personal needs and aspirations of the player and to help them to achieve their unique sound. We talk personally to every one of our clients so they get something that really works for them.

We don’t sell overhyped, expensive, off the shelf products that make you sound indistingushable from the other musicians you know. We make bespoke pickguards, pedals and custom guitar electronics for the discerning musician, and at a very reasonable cost, compared to the mass producers. Our customers are always left happy and confident that what we supply will not let them down, as a result we get an ever increasing amount return customers as well as the people they recommend us to too.

Browse around our site, and give us a call, we’ll be delighted to help you stand out from the rest.

About Us

meet jack of TinyTone

TinyTone is the brand of custom products that came out of Jacks Instrument Services, a specialist Lutherie service established by Jack in 2009.

Meet The Team

We are a dedicated team of Luthiers: Adam, Tom, Steve and Jack, and we care! We care that your instrument or pedal leaves how you want it and that you feel satisfied!

Ye olde strat is playing like a dream. The new pots haven’t half made a difference -much brighter!
3 ply tiger pearl pickguard
Mike Jones
Pickguard fits perfectly!! Thanks for a great job, very much appreciated! Ta very much!
oxidised copper scratchplate
Neil Summers

Xmas Cut Off Date

Just letting you know, for custom scratchplate jobs, they must arrive with us before 9th December for our last Xmas run.

The scratchplate elves need a break too!

Otherwise feel free to post in new-year cutting jobs :)