Custom Made Pedals

You need the tone…we have the solution! Made bespoke – not off-the-shelf.

Well tuned circuits, simple rugged designs, straight-forward and responsive controls.

double true bypass fx loop

Double True Bypass Looper

Top notch electronics for a simple, rugged and transparent bypass box – Full of connection options and customisations.

Varitone Stompbox

A Varitone circuit in a box! Uses the proper inductor to give you those authentic 60’s sounds! 100% Hand made-to-order with the best components and point to point wiring.

Varitone Stompbox
Mini True Bypass Loop

Mini true bypass FX loop

These true bypass boxes offer a 100% wholly and truly bypass signal for your pedals. Easily add them into your rig with no loss of tone.

True Bypass FX Loop with Volume Control

Connect any other pedals into this pedal’s effects loop and control them all with one footswitch – you can also adjust the volume of them all too.

True Bypass FX Loop with Volume Control

Everything that we craft has our heart and soul put into it. When you unbox your custom pedal, you will feel the quality and old school craftsmanship.

Xmas Cut Off Date

Just letting you know, for custom scratchplate jobs, they must arrive with us before 9th December for our last Xmas run.

The scratchplate elves need a break too!

Otherwise feel free to post in new-year cutting jobs :)