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Please note the largest size plate we can make is 300x450mm.
PLEASE NOTE- we will require at least one of the above to make you a guard. As a general rule, there's no such thing as a standard guard for any guitar. Please see our FAQ's for more info 🙂 Original guard damaged? No problem, we can fix it- just send us in the bits..!
A small charge for modification
Remember: Price= Sheet material + cutting charge + extras + shipping

You can view exact pictures of all our materials by clicking here: Materials/Colours List

We'll use brainpower to make sure a 90° edge is used on pickups, bridges, neck pockets and control plate edges.Please note- metal guards can only have 90° edges, and perspex/acrylic guards cannot have 45° edges
Realistic wear and tear can be applied to your new pickguard, suitable for older guitars or relic projects! (Please give us details of what kind of wear you're after in the comments box below so we can customise this to your requirements; if not we'll simply do this to our 'default' relic setting)
For guitars that need it, we add foil shielding on the reverse of our guards as standard. The foil shielding helps reduce electrical humming! As a rule of thumb, if your pickguard hasn't got electronics mounted to it, shielding is pointless. Shielding is also totally pointless on metal guards.
Type A - Fender #4 x 1/2" (Crosshead) -|||- Type B - Import 3 x 13mm (Crosshead) -|||- Type C - Gibson #3 x 3/8" (Crosshead) -|||- Type D - Slotted 3 x 13mm (Flathead) -|||-These are the proper Fender and Gibson screws!
(£35 flat fee applies)
Full wiring harnesses available from just £50
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