Double True Bypass Looper

Simple, rugged & pure!

Cleanly true-bypass whatever other pedals you plug into our box

Easily add them into your rig with no loss of tone. The pedal features 2 effects loops which can be used independantly, in combination with each other or both completely bypassed transparently! They utilise a heavy duty 3PDT on/off switch which also powers the white LED indicator. This bypass looper is compact – the same size as the usual MXR casing (112 x 60 x 31mm). It really maximises the space it uses with plenty of room between the switches.

Double True Bypass Pedal Labels

Double True Bypass Looper - £45.00

Crammed with useful sounds, expertly wired, and tailored through rigorous testing!

double true bypass fx loop


Plugging It In

Here’s a couple of combinations I thought of. It’s very versatile so there are many more combinations available for you to invent.

Think outside the box!

double true bypass fx loop - Setup 1
Simple and classic for maximum tone. You leave your pedals on all the time and let the True Bypass box do all the work.
double true bypass fx loop - Setup 2
Here's a neat way of mass controlling effects. Loop 1 could be for your Verse sounds and loop 2 could be for your Solo.
double true bypass fx loop - Setup 3
By simply not connecting the return from either of the loops you create a mute - ideal for a tuner. Tune in silence.
double true bypass fx loop - Setup 4
A quick and painless swap for different guitars. Simply plug into the returns of the 2 loops and off you go.

Get your Double True Bypass Looper - only £45.00!


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