Gibson SG Wiring – Classic

Vol, Vol, Tone, Tone, 3-Way Switch & Jack


Made by real Guitar Techs in Manchester
Tiny Tone - Made in Manchester


Pro Wiring for Your SG® – Classic


Using top grade electronic components found in high end guitars, our Classic SG® wiring harness are expertly soldered, guaranteeing the best true-tone of your pickups

Classic SG® wiring harness consists of:

  • 4 x  CTS USA pots
  • Right Angled 3-way Pickup Selector Switch
  • Switchcraft® Jack Socket
  • Your choice of polypropylene audiophile grade Tone Capacitor value
  • Wiring diagram to connect your pickups

We offer some tweakable options for you, or just select “stock” for the true classic circuit

Choosing a Custom Tone Capacitor           Choosing Custom Pots



  • Neck Pickup Volume
  • Neck Pickup Tone
  • Bridge Pickup Volume
  • Bridge Pickup Tone
  • 3 Way pickup selector
  • Jack socket


Featuring Vintage spec CTS pots, our prewired SG® kit is the ultimate upgrade to stock electronics. Our pots have a classic audio taper designed to give a smooth roll off without suddenly jumping in volume. The threaded shaft length is 3/8″ (9.5mm) suitable for traditional Gibson SGs® and similar

Choice of Tone capacitor

You can tune the way your circuit sounds by tweaking the tone capacitor. Here’s a helpful guide to choosing capacitors

Choice of Pot Resistance

Customise your circuit, what pickups are going to be used here? You can choose the resistance value of the pots we’ll use to make your harness. Helpful guide on choosing pot values


Simply screw in the prewired SG® kit into your guitar and reconnect your pickups, pickup switch, jack socket and the ground running from the bridge . Follow our easy to understand wiring diagram provided.

Right or Left Handed

Select whether you wish to have your wiring made right or left handed, lefties turn fully anticlockwise for full volume. We’ll use a top quality C Curve CTS pot so that the volume and tones turn down evenly and smoothly

Will this fit my Guitar?

This SG® wiring harness will fit any SG style guitar. You may be required to drill the pot holes to 10mm diameter to accommodate the larger USA CTS pots. The pot body is 24mm. The threaded shaft length is 3/8″ (9.5mm).

If installing into an imported model or SG® copy, you may need new control knobs and switch tip to fit the US made CTS pots and Pickup Switch.


Why Choose Tiny Tone?

The wiring put together by Jack is none other than expert. He’s been repairing guitars as the owner of Jack’s Instrument Services, Guitar repair workshop in Manchester since 2009; modifying, restoring and upgrading all types of guitars and basses. The wiring you see for sale here is a result of years of expertise, technique, road testing and refinement. Each pickguard, pedal and wiring solution is grounded in what works in the real world using parts and skills that we proudly stand behind!

Jack Ellis @ Jack's Instrument Services, Manchester

Tone Capacitor Value

.01µf (Brightest), .022µf (classic), .033µf, .047µf, .068µf, .1µf (Darkest)

Potentiometer Value

250kΩ, 500kΩ (Classic)

Right / Left Handed

Right-Handed, Left-Handed

Solderless Installation option

Solderless Install, Requires Soldering

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