Prewired Jack Sockets

High Quality Prewire Output Jack socket
Made by real Guitar Techs in Manchester
Tiny Tone - Made in Manchester


Prewired Jack Socket: Switchcraft® Jack Socket with high quality Cloth wire


Using top grade electronic components found in high end guitars, our wiring kits ares expertly soldered, guaranteeing the best true-tone of your instrument

Our pre-soldered Jack socket

  • 1 x  Switchcraft® 1/4″ Jack Socket
  • Nut and Washer
  • Length of coiled vintage Cloth “Push-Back” 22AWG wire


  • Ready to solder into your guitar
  • Black for Ground (Sleeve)
  • Yellow for Hot (Tip)

Switchcraft® Quality

Switchcraft® have been the leaders for audio jack sockets since… ever. They have a robust thick nickel plating that wear exceptionally well and a nice tactile “clunk” then you plug in! As used en masse by Gibson®, Rickenbacker® and Fender®


Will this fit my Guitar?

It’s a standard sized part which is very common, but there’s other smaller “import” jack sockets out there. Switchcraft take a 10mm drill hole

Why Choose Tiny Tone?

The wiring put together by Jack is none other than expert. He’s been repairing guitars as the owner of Jack’s Instrument Services, Guitar repair workshop in Manchester since 2009; modifying, restoring and upgrading all types of guitars and basses. The wiring you see for sale here is a result of years of expertise, technique, road testing and refinement. Each pickguard, pedal and wiring solution is grounded in what works in the real world using parts and skills that we proudly stand behind!

Jack Ellis @ Jack's Instrument Services, Manchester

Switchcraft Jack Thread Length

1/4" Thread (short), 3/8" Thread (long)

Length of coiled Cloth wire

150mm, 300mm