custom scratchplate builder

Scratchplate Builder


As no two scratchplates fit the same, we will require your original guard to proceed; your original scratchplate fits your guitar perfectly, so copying it guarantees the new Tiny Tone one will too. We can work from customer-provided templates as well, if needed. This is why we don’t offer ‘off the shelf’ scratchplates.

At Tiny Tone we know that scratch plates are super unique, and we make them accordingly!




If you aren’t sure about how to use this page, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist!

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Auto Scratchplate Builder


Finally! A way to order your pickguard directly, without needing to fill out our quote form!

We still need your original or a template from it to copy, because no two scratchplates are the same and there’s no such thing as a standard guard for ANY guitar.

Simply select the material you fancy from our massive range of stock, then select the guitar type (this just needs to be the shape closest to yours).

Then let us know if you’ll be sending your original or a template for us to work from.

Those variables will generate a price and you can then add your new scratchplate to the cart.

Fast custom pickguards UK

If you need a backplate and/or a trussrod cover, simply repeat the process for what you need and checkout for everything at once!

Shielding is now included free of charge, where we deem it necessary.

Basic modifications (for example, converting an SSS strat to an HSS strat, or ‘repairing’ a damaged guard by omitting the damage on the new copy) are now included free of charge!

If, however, you:

  • Can’t see the material you want on our dropdown list(we’re adding new materials all the time, but have only had time to add the most popular ones so far!)
  • Would like to supply your own sheet material for us to use
  • Would like custom engraving on your guard

then please fill out our manual quote form instead







Scratchplate Builder