Series & Parallel Pickup wiring – Underrated secret sounds from your pickups!


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Series & Parallel

You can connect 2 coils in either series or parallel and it gives a very different sound – this counts for ANY pickup type whether A DiMarzio Super distortion humbucker, a P-Bass humbucker or Telecaster Singlecoils

Traditionally, you buy a humbucker and its two coils will be connected in series – giving it’s loudest, roundest sound. However there’s another way of connecting both coils to give you a brighter less muddy tone that still cancels hum!

This can be switched on and off with a Push Pull pot, a slide switch or a mini toggle switch (and some other types also!)

We build this neat wiring modification into many folks guitars and basses

Push Pull Pots Les Paul Tiny Tone
Push Pull Pots are a great way of activating seies and parallel modes


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Switching a humbucker’s coils from Series to Parallel

Here’s what it sounds like:

Listen closely as I simply switch the pickups into series (standard sound) or parallel (secret thin tone!) with a Push/pull pot. View comments to see which position the pickup selector switch is in.


You can combine more pickups and pickup types also!

Our Strat-O-Blaster, Dubplate for Jazz Bass, Diddy-P, 6 Tone Telecaster all use Series switching to change the output sounds

  • Why not connect two strat singlecoils in series? theyre normally added together in parallel but the series sound is bigger and rounder!
  • Lets hear a jazz bass pickup pair connected in series – KAPOW!

You can go even further…

It doesn’t stop there, you can combine as many coils together as you like in series increasing the loudness and chunkiness..

Imagine the girth of 2 Humbuckers connected in series…


Quadzilla 4P90 Les Paul
QUADZILLA – Four P90 Pickups in a Les Paul, true awesomeness with any combination of pickups possible in series or parallel!



Nerdy Detail:


A Series connection uses both coils and the current flows like this:

Start  Coil 1 Coil 2 Out

A parallel connection uses both coils and the current flows like this:

Coil 1

Start                         Out

Coil 2


DiMarzio humbucker 3 DiMarzio humbucker 1 DiMarzio humbucker 3 DiMarzio humbucker 1 DiMarzio humbucker 3