Solderless Jazz Bass Wiring Harness

Some proper wiring for your bass

Top notch components professionally soldered up by us so you don't have to!

Installs without needing a soldering iron

Refresh your bass with a solid Fender Jazz Bass circuit by Tiny Tone. This is a replacement for the classic Vol/Vol/Tone arrangement and a jack socket. Our control plate requires you to tighten up only 5 screws to install without having to get the soldering iron out!

jazz bass wiring harness
Jazz bass wiring Loom


No need for you to solder anything! Our classic J bass wiring loom features high quality CTS USA pots and a Switchcraft jack socket – the legit Fender replacement parts. Wired as a classic Neck volume, Bridge volume and master tone with a choice of potentiometer and capacitor values at the checkout

How Do I install it?

The control plate drops right into a Jazz Bass and is fastened by 3 wood screws. When wiring it in, you will only have to connect 5 wires inside of your bass but this is easily done with the solderless green coloured terminal block on the back – you’ll only need a screwdriver. Full foolproof instructions are supplied – it’s so easy to install.

Solderless J Bass wiring harness
wiring for your jazz bass

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