True Bypass FX Loop
with Volume Control

Simple, rugged & pure!

Harness and truly bypass other pedals with use of a volume control

Connect any other pedals into this pedal’s effects loop and control them all with one footswitch – you can also adjust the volume of them all too. It uses a heavy duty 3PDT on/off switch which also powers the white LED indicator. There’s plenty of other uses for it too so get creative and “think outside the box”!

The volume control is completely passive so can only cut signal – not boost. Our bypass looper is compact – the same size as the usual MXR casing (112 x 60 x 31mm). It really maximises the space it uses with plenty of room between the switches.

True Bypass pedal with volume control

True Bypass Looper with Volume - £35.00

Easily add them into your rig with no loss of tone.

True Bypass FX Loop with Volume Control


Plugging It In

The pedal is very versatile so there are many more combinations available for you to invent. Think outside the box!

True Bypass Volume Pedal Setup 1
Simple and classic for maximum tone. You leave your pedals on all the time and let the True Bypass box do all the work.
True Bypass Volume Pedal Setup 3
Solo boost: With our pedal engaged you can drive an overdrive pedal less, bypass to let it rip!
True Bypass Volume Pedal Setup 3
Why stop there? Go nuts, it really just adds freedom to your pedalboard!

Solo boost mode

Subtle use of the overdrive pedal. Turn on the chorus pedal, turn on the overdrive pedal, drop the level on the effects loop with the volume control. When the effects loop is on the guitar signal runs through the “RXM” chorus pedal and then into the over drive pedal – BUT – it’s been turned down. The lower level which is fed into the overdrive pedal results in a cleaner sound. Turn the effects loop off and you have a clear path to the overdrive pedal at full volume for a rip-roaring Solo sound!

Get your True Bypass FX Loop with Volume Control now - only £45.00!

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