6 Tone Telecaster pre-wired control plate

Add extra tones to your Telecaster without changing the look

Doubles the sounds you can get from your pickups from 3 to 6!


The 6 Tone Telecaster plate is a wiring modification that’s ready to drop in, it’s the result of months of research and fine tuning.

It uses a 4-way pickup selector switch and a hidden push pull switch to add extra tones to your Telecaster all without using batteries or changing the look of the guitar!

Series Parallel Telecaster Harness

What does it do?

Switch position 1 – Bridge and Neck pickups in series (huge humbucker type output!)
Switch position 2 – Neck pickup
Switch position 3 – Neck and Bridge pickups connected in parallel (Classic tele sound)
Switch position 4 – Bridge pickup only

How Do I install it?

The 6 tone Tele plate is designed for any Tele which uses the telecaster style controls. You will have to connect 4 wires inside of your guitar but this is easily done with the solderless green coloured terminal blocks on the back. There’s only one solder joint you will need to make if your neck pickup has a metal cover.

Full foolproof instructions are supplied – it’s so easy to install

6 Tone Telecaster

Demo Video - Distortion

There's more!

The wiring harness also comes with a phase switch. On switch positions 1 and 3 you can switch the pickups out of phase by pulling up the tone knob. A total of 6 sounds – 3 more than the stock wiring.

Position 1 – Bridge and neck pickups in series and out of phase.

Switch position 3-Bridge and neck pickups in parallel and out of phase.

Demo Video - Clean

Get your 6 Tone Telecaster plate now - £70 to £83