Rip-roaring Strat-O-Blaster custom wiring!

Yeah that’s right, humbucker sounds from traditional Strat pickups.

Add 2 new humbucker sounds plus a kill switch!

Passive and pure

Get your Strat souped-up with some extra girth and power whilst keeping the classic pickups, layout and your original traditional strat sounds too.

The Strat-O-Blaster is designed to enhance the sounds of any Strat type guitar which uses 3 pickups. You can even use humbuckers…..imagine that!

What does it do?

Classic Strat mode v. Strat-O-Blaster Mode

Neck = Neck and Middle Boost
Neck and Middle = Neck and Middle Boost
Middle = Kill Switch
Middle and Bridge = Middle and Bridge Boost
Bridge = Middle and Bridge Boost

Choose from 500k CTS Pots or 250k Pots and a selection of tone capacitors

How Do I install it?

You will have to lift the pickguard and attach your 6 pickup hookup wires to the screw-in green terminal blocks according to the installation guide supplied (no need for soldering). The Strat-O-Blaster comes with a pre-soldered jack socket too which you screw in again to the second terminal block

Tech Spec:

  • Master Volume
  • Neck Tone
  • Middle and bridge tone control AND mode push/push switch

New pre-soldered switchcraft jack socket is supplied


Classic Strat modeStrat-O-Blaster Mode
NeckNeck and Middle Boost
Neck and MiddleNeck and Middle Boost
MiddleKill Switch
Middle and BridgeMiddle and Bridge Boost
BridgeMiddle and Bridge Boost

Get your Strat-O-Blaster custom wiring now - £75 to £88


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