Chet Atkins Inscribed pickguard Gretsch

Authentic Gretsch style pickguards


Classic Gretsch guitars such as the Chet Atkins, Duo-Jet, and Tennessean all feature beautifully made pickguards which really fill out the way they look.

These guards usually have a Gretsch logo, engraved deeply from the reverse, and then a much shallower reverse-engraved logo for the model, for example the Chet Atkins ‘signpost’ which is infilled in black. The entire back of the guard is then sprayed in Gretsch’s classic shades of silver or gold.

We’ve honed our skills and are now proud to offer guards made in this way!

Like anything else we offer, you’ll need to send us your original to copy or a template please- there is no alternative if we are to make this fit perfectly!

Simply select the options relevant to you and we’ll take it from there!



Gold, Silver, Other

Will you send your original, or a template for us to work from?

Original, Template (+£20 surcharge)

Authentic Gretsch style pickguards

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