Custom Pickguard Making

Any design of scratchplate for your guitar – carefully crafted to suit your style.

Pickguards Are Personal!

Your search is over! We can make any design of scratchplate for your guitar (preferably) from the original, a hand drawn template or a complete new design. We also even offer to do this via post for ease!

They’re carefully cut by hand to make sure they fit your instrument. They’re copies of the original or your supplied template.

Give your Pickguard a personality all of it's own.

oxidised copper scratchplate
Watch how they're made

We can make a custom pickguard for any guitar.

Available with:

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Custom Pickguards We've Made

Here’s a selection of mail order pickguards that people have bought by by sending their original scratchplate

Looking for some inspiration? Here’s hundreds more we’ve made:


£= Sheet material + cutting charge + extras + shipping

Everything we make is personalised, so our scratchplates are priced according to how complex they are to make, e.g. how many flush edges, size, and materials. In general, a custom scratchplate will cost between £30-60 plus shipping.

Postage printout form for your old scratchplate or template
How to make a good template

Colours and Materials Available

Click to enlarge photos
1 ply black
1 ply matt black
3 ply black

3 ply black/Cream

4 ply black

5 ply black


1 Ply white

1 Ply cream

3 Ply white

3 Ply mint

3 ply vintage white

3 ply cream


4 ply pearl white

3 ply pearl white web

3 ply pearl cream

2 ply pearl pink

3 ply pearl red

3 ply pearl yellow

4 ply pearl green

2 ply pearl ocean blue

3 ply pearl blue

2 ply pearl violet

3 ply pearl deep black

4 ply pearl purple

4 ply pearl black

Acrylic (3mm)


Gretsch Gold

Gretsch Silver

Opaque gloss Acrylic

Translucent tint Acrylic

Frosted tint Acrylic

Real Metal

Brushed Aluminium

Anodised Gold Aluminium

Anodised Bronze Aluminium

Anodised Black Aluminium

Treadplate Aluminium

Solid Brushed Brass

Solid Copper

Oxidised Brass

Oxidised Copper

Marble Colours

3 ply marble orange

3 ply marble yellow

Wildcat Colours

3 ply wildcat orange

3 ply wildcat yellow

"Tiger" Colours

3 ply tiger pearl

2 ply tiger pearl brown

3 ply tiger red

3 ply tiger yellow

Real Celluloid Tortoiseshell

① 4 ply Vintage Celluloid Tortoiseshell

② 4 ply Vintage Celluloid Red Tortoiseshell

③ 4 ply Vintage Celluloid Brown Tortoiseshell

④ 2 ply tortoiseshell brown pearloid

Printed Tortoiseshell

Ⓐ 4 ply tortoiseshell

Ⓑ 4 ply tortoiseshell intense

Acrylic Mirror (3mm)

Chrome Mirror

Smoked Mirror

Gold Mirror

Red Mirror

Blue Mirror

Lots more available-ask!

Sparkling Glitter

2 ply sparkling black

2 ply sparkling silver

2 ply sparkling gold

2 ply sparkling Champagne

2 ply sparkling blue

2 ply sparkling red

Other Materials

Real Vinyl LP of your choice!

Black Bakelite

Brown Bakelite

Black And Silver Paisley

We'd love to make your custom scratchplate!

Xmas Cut Off Date

Just letting you know, for custom scratchplate jobs, they must arrive with us before 9th December for our last Xmas run.

The scratchplate elves need a break too!

Otherwise feel free to post in new-year cutting jobs :)