Guitar Electronics

Boost your guitar’s tone and playability.

With almost every guitar theres a whole host of secret tones you can get out of them without having to change your pickups.

Series Parallel Telecaster Harness

6 Tone Telecaster pre-wired control plate

A 4-way pickup selector switch and a hidden push pull switch to add extra tones to your Telecaster, all without using batteries or changing the look of the guitar!

Diddy P for Precision Bass

A custom wiring harness for your Precision Bass – The Diddy P (as the name suggests) tightens up the low end of a P Bass with the flick of a switch.

The DubPlate for your Jazz Bass

These true bypass boxes offer a 100% wholly and truly bypass signal for your pedals. Easily add them into your rig with no loss of tone.


Get your Strat souped-up with some extra girth and power whilst keeping the classic pickups, layout and your original traditonal strat sounds too.

100% Hand made in Manchester - not picked off the shelf - using top notch components - carefully assembled!

Xmas Cut Off Date

Just letting you know, for custom scratchplate jobs, they must arrive with us before 9th December for our last Xmas run.

The scratchplate elves need a break too!

Otherwise feel free to post in new-year cutting jobs :)