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Sick! Love it. It looks so good man, thanks so much for getting it done!"
Reviews Connor Ball's pink mirror engraved guard
Connor Ball / The Vamps
"The pastel pickguards are incredible!Looking order some pickguards for our bassist now...You guys absolutely nailed these colours,Thank you!!!"
All Time Low tiny tone Pastel Pickguards for Customised Telecaster Deluxe
Jack Barakat / All Time Low
"Got in contact with Tiny Tone with a rather bespoke enquiry as I wanted a scratch plate which combined the midi control plate with the main scratch plate.I also wanted it in anodised gold and engraving.I have to say, they’ve done a great job. Highly recommend them if you need anything like this or maybe something a little more straightforward.."
tinytone review Casio MG-510 Anodised Gold Pickguard
John Francis
"Huge thank you to @tinytoneuk for nailing it making this insane copper pick-guard!
'Little Bird' has flown the nest and gone through a huge transformation!"

Oli Brown Little Bird Copper Pickguard Strat
Oli Brown / Dead Collective
"I could write about the service or the quality of work, ( the scratch plate they made fitted perfectly), but the real quality is in the guys themselves.
Helpful, accommodating and generous. If you want a custom scratch plate, don’t hesitate, these are the people you want."
1 ply Cream Strat Style pickguard
Robin Ford
Would highly recommend using TinyTone for any scratch plate needs! They made me a really complicated plate for a non-standard old soviet guitar (holes, pickups and switches everywhere see pictures on this post!) The plate fitted perfectly first time. They also spotted a fault in the guitar electrics and were nice enough to fix it at no extra cost!
Reza Mirehsan
"Just got my Varitone Stompbox and I've tested the pedal with Burns guitar and a Cigar box guitar. I wish to thank all of you for the perfect job you did to create it."
Variatone Pedal
Marc Blanchard
"Hi there. Just a note of thanks for the pickguard you sent me. Perfect! Great job and I will have no hesitation in ordering again. All the best"
Harley Benton Les Paul Junior Custom Pickguard Tortoiseshell
Paul Alexander
"Received your Stompbox and I'm very happy with it. I have nailed that "The Thrill Is Gone" tone at once (2nd position, switch to the right) and there is so much more in it to explore. It is built like a tank, fits into my guitar case, thank you again! Regards from Germany"
Variatone Pedal
Jürgen Schildmann
"Just to let you know that the pedal you built for me some time ago is part of my permanent rig - and I agree that it is a lot more useful than having it built into a guitar. You asked me for a progress report on battery life, all I can say is that the original is still in there."
double true bypass fx loop
P Bolderson
"Ordered a new pickguard from Tiny Tone, altered to suit a different sized replacement pickup. Superb quality, really quick turnaround, and good price. Very pleased with service, and would definitely use them again. Highly recommended!"

Patrick Eggle New York Broadway Peal white pickguard
Jon Cowpe
"I have fitted your 6 tone control plate to my Tele. At the same time, I replaced the pickups with Seymour Duncan Vintage Broadcaster pickups.All of the available tones are simply stunning, and the control plate is a really solid piece of workmanship! You have designed a great product"
Rex Winter
Fabulous service. Highly recommended. I posted my originals one day, TinyTone manufactured the next, and returned by post the day after. The team were both communicative and prompt to answer any questions.
My pickguard and truss rod cover were a perfect fit. Couldn't be happier hence the full 5 stars - not something I give out too often, but well deserved.
Chris Johnstone
"Really enjoying the 4-way 'solderless' control plate for my Telecaster. For someone who enjoys experimenting with different pickups it's the perfect solution!

Using a neck humbucker and single coil Tele bridge, and the tonal variety is amazing. Significantly cut down on the hum and noise I had before with traditional wiring."
gold anodised telecaster pickguard
Jay Bagwell
"Huge improvement, all the original layout but also incorporating new pickup combinations that fatten up the sound.

I can go from the familiar "4th position" straight into neck and middle pickups combined to emulate humbucker sounds and then all off using the kill switch as a mute. A new use for the sounds every time."
"I now have the best toy a boy could ever ask for... Upgraded fretless musicman bass with electronic modifications including brand new coil tap, pickup phase switch and killswitch.
Also, modified treble rolloff and passive bass rolloff. Not to mention a brand new bone nut and a full setup too. Feels like a brand new fretless bass!"
4 ply pearl blue stingray bass custom pickguard