Bound Archtop pickguard Material Translucent Tortoiseshell

Bound Pickguards for Jazz Guitars


Some classic guitars- particularly Gibson ES models and D’angelico jazzboxes- require something a little more special than our usual scratchplates.

The multiple layers of binding make these special, and the mitre joins are still judged and placed by eye by skilled craftsmen(if we may say so ourselves), just like Gibson used to.

Unlike Gibson and all the other manufacturers that used to make these, we use modern plastic which doesn’t ‘gas off’. Gassing off is the process where celluloid material reacts with air and gives off nitric acid, causing the guard to fall apart and any hardware on the guitar to rust.

Simply send us whatever’s left of your original guard, and/or a template(there’s no template surcharge for this service) and we’ll do the rest!

Please note- as with any guards, there is no such thing as a standard shape and we do not offer ANY guard styles on an ‘off the shelf’ basis as there’s no guarantee it’ll fit otherwise.

Number of Mitre Joins

0 mitre joins, 1 mitre join, 2 mitre joins, 3 mitre joins, 4 or more mitre joins

Bound Pickguards for Jazz Guitars

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