Replica Gretsch engraved pickguards made the traditional way


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When it comes to Gretsch, There’s one classic way to have the logo appear, from behind!

This vintage construction approach makes plastic a real high grade, luxurious, hand crafted material worthy of showing off. This is of stark contrast to the way we view most plastic these days, we think of it as cheap, mass produced from the same mould, made-in-the-far-east or simply “throw away”.

We at Tiny Tone are reclaiming what can be done artfully with plastic on a small scale, bespoke.




Here’s how we recreate a Gretsch 6119 Tennesean Scratchplate

Broken Gretsch Pickguard
(1)The broken original scratchplate has seen better days…
Gretsch Pickguard Clear
(2)First we make the clear exact copy of the shape, edge detail and drill holes
Rear engraved gretsch pickguard
(3)The rear of the pickguard is engraved leaving the front totally smooth
Gretsch Logo Engraved
(4)Painstakingly recreated artwork. Partly filled with black paint
chet atkins tenessean inscribed text
(5)A close up of the inscribed Chet Atkins Tennesean font
reverse gretsch logo etched
(6)We spent ages getting the typeface design just right for this GRETSCH logo
gretsch tennesean pickguard rear view engraved
(7)With the black text filled the whole back is now sprayed silver
Gretsch 6119 Chet Atkins replica pickguard
(8)The Gretsch Logo appears darker silver in shadow but it depends on the light it’s in – 3D!
Chet Atkins Inscribed pickguard Gretsch
(9)Fitted to the guitar, made bespoke @ Tiny Tone
Gretsch 6119 Tennesean Chet Atkins
A guitar this cool clearly deserves the a real replica pickguard!
Gretsch Logo Replica engraved scratchplate Tiny Tone
A real replica Gretsch Pickguard made the old way is the only way to look the part!