Introducing our new Scratchplate Builder!

Introducing our new Scratchplate Builder!


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to simplify our order process.

This will save you filling out a quote form, and save us manually building and sending quotes!

As no two guards are the same, we’ve arrived at a solution which breaks all scratchplates into just four clearly-defined tiers which reflect the complexity(i.e., time spent on labour) of each guard; BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, and PLATINUM.

Once you’ve selected your category, then you just need to select how big your new scratchplate will be, and which sheet material you’d like.

Then once you’ve paid and sent in your original, we’ll do the rest!

This simplification means we can afford to offer a few bonuses:

  • Shielding is now included free of charge on guards that require it.
  • Working from a broken/damaged pickguard, within reason(for example, if a part has snapped off), is now included free of charge when required.
  • Modifying the pickup shape, when full dimensions of the new pickup are included, is now included free of charge. An example of this would be changing a Stratocaster from HSS to SSS configuration.


  • We still charge a £20 surcharge for working from a template. This can be paid for at a discount here (simply add it to your cart and pay at the same time as your plate), or alternatively we’ll invoice you for the surcharge at full price once you’ve paid for your guard and posted the template in to us.
  • We still require either an original guard or a template to work from, NO EXCEPTIONS. Our whole business is founded on the realisation that no two guards are ever exactly the same, and that anyone offering a ‘standard’ template for any guitar is being misleading at best.
  • If a guard arrives and we notice the wrong category has been selected, then we’ll either invoice for or refund the difference before proceeding- however admin fees may be applied in these cases.

Strat, Tele, Les Paul, Jazz Bass, Bison, SG, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Silver Sky… forget all that, there are now only four kinds of standard pickguard in the world!

Our new categories:



Guards with no internal routing. This generally means no pickups, and we route the outline and screw holes only.

Typical examples include:

-Les Paul style

-335 style

-Esquire(but not Telecaster) style

-Trussrod covers


Order your BRONZE tier scratchplate today!


Guards with internal routing, but no slide or blade switches.

For example:

-Telecaster style

-P-Bass style

-Jazz Bass style



Any guard with a BLADE switch- this is the 3- or 5-way switch with a narrow slot most commonly found on Stratocasters.

For example:

-Stratocaster style

-Telecaster Custom style

-Fender Tony Franklin signature P-Bass

-Shergold Marathon style



Any guard with one or more  SLIDE switches- these are the switches most commonly found on traditional Fender Mustang and Jazzmaster guitars.

Platinum examples:

-Traditional Mustang style (modern ones with a 3-way toggle switch are classed as SILVER)

-Jazzmaster style

-Kay/Teisco Tulip

-Brian May Red Special style guitars



Wait… you want a bound pickguard for your Jazz Guitar? Or a reverse sprayed and engraved Gretsch scratchplate?

Step this way Sir/Ma’am-  we do also offer two PREMIUM options…

Replica Gretsch Style Guards

These are reverse engraved, infilled, and then rear sprayed just like the originals! Plastic doesn’t have to look cheap…there’s a gorgeous depth to these.

For more information click here

Bound scratchplates

Got a Jazzbox, 335, D’angelico or similar that needs a guard with multiple bound layers? This is the place for you. We add the binding to these by hand, layer by layer, just the same way Gibson used to.

For more information click here