Dealing with UV damage from pickguard stickers


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Many new guitars come with a sticker placed on the pickguard but unfortunately if this isn’t removed quickly it can really mess up the pickguard underneath!

The sticker blocks the Ultra Violet light from hitting that part of the pickguard and the rest of the pickguard tends to get a sun tan – it’s darkens










This is super unfortunate if you have just bought a guitar that’s been in the shop window…

How to fix UV sticker damage?

The only way is to have a new replica pickguard made unfortunately. It’s not a stain that can be cleaned off, if the plastic itself changing colour permanently



We manufacture replica pickguards for any guitar type which are guaranteed to fit – just send us your old one in, select your sheet material colour and we’ll custom cut one just for you, ship back and you’re good to go!

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