The Vamps: making a sick one-off anniversary pickguard for bassist Connor Ball -in just 3 hours


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Connor Ball, bassist for The Vamps, got in touch with us asking for something a little special for the 10 Years Of The Vamps – The Greatest Hits World Tour

We created a one-off scratchplate for his Stingray Bass! With a bit of co-design with Connor he chose the text, font and colours for his custom scratchplate

Luckily Speedy Steve™ was on duty, designed the pickguard, cut it out, applied the text and sent it on it’s way in a grand total of only 3 HOURS


How it Started:


connor ball vamps pickguard draft
Here’s Connor’s rough Draft for the pickguard!
font screenshot
Font selected by Connor 10 YEARS BABY

How it was done:


vamps bass pickguard no text
Here’s the nude pickguard without Connor’s custom text..
10 years baby the vamps custom pickguard
Completed with engraved then filled in “10 YEARS BABY”
steve leggett scratchplate technician at tiny tone
Quick show off shot from Speedy Steve™
pickguard in taxi
Quick! throw it in a Uber to Manchester Apollo!

How it’s Going:


Connor Ball's pink mirror engraved guardconnor ball the vamps tiny tone pickguardConnor Ball's pink mirror engraved guard









I call that a win! It’s still out there at the time of writing on their world tour!


the vamps tiny tone custom pickguard

stingray bass custom scratchplate in mirror pink the vamps






ten years baby cutom pickguard by tiny tone