Spotlight: Phil Lynott’s badass Mirror Scratchplate


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A quick celebration of a particular pickguard that Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy favoured…


Thin Lizzy P bass Pickguard

…the acrylic mirror pickguard!


Most famous for using his trust Fender Precision Bass, Phil also sported an Aria Pro II TSB, a Rickenbacker 4003 and an Ibanez Blazer amongst other but with the mirror guard where possible!

There’s a brilliant trick I’ve seen used while playing Jailbreak where Phil Lynott uses a spotlight to reflect the beam into the crowd using his bass! The P Bass in particular is very iconic, so much so that Fender Custom shop have released a short run of Phil’s P Bass retailing £10,000… ouch!

phil lynott mirror scratchplate

phil lynott custom pickguard

phil lynott presicion bass

Thin Lizzy Phil Lynott PickguardThin Lizzy P Bass Mirror scratch plate






If you’re looking to tip your hat to Phil and have a pickguard made for your bass, we make them to fit any guitar – bespoke



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Live and dangerous album cover
The famous Live and dangerous album cover showing phils Mirror pickguard… and his crotch