Spotlight: The Everly Brothers magnificent ‘Moustache’ Pickguards


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Celebrating an iconic set of pickguards as used by The Everly Brothers


Don Everly Phil Everly Gibson acoustic Pickguards
Don and Phil Everly with their classic Gibson “Everly Brothers Flat Top” guitars

Both Don and Phil Everly are known to use their beautiful Gibson Guitars with their unique star fretboard inlays and twin moustache pickguards. Gibson released a model specially for them named the “Everly Brothers Flat Top” which was based upon a Gibson J-185. Later, this was re-released as a J-180 by Gibson. There’s also an Epiphone SQ-180 which comes under the same family name

The pickguards really after the look of the guitar as they’re so large! The twin swooping scratchplates are often known as moustache style and you can see why.

Everly Gibson moustache scratchplates
Iconic – Black with a Black Pinstripe ply


Everly Brother Self Adhesive Matching Twin Pickguards
One of our twin Moustache Pickguards

The brothers are known to have black Gibson acoustic guitars but sometimes have sunbursts or natural finishes. The traditional choices for their pickguards were Tortoiseshell, Cream, White and Black.

Everly brother style scratch plates for acoustic guitar
Plenty of other folks cannot resist the guitars!
Paul McCartney Gibson J-185
…Even this guy









Would your Acoustic suit a pair of Everly Brothers Moustache scratchplates?

They can suit EJ-200, EJ-300, SQ-180 J-180 J-185 and many Takemine acoustic guitars or even dreadnaught acoustics. As we make them bespoke we can offer a custom design service OR work from your card templates!

Epiphone EJ300 Acoustic guitar everly brothers pickguard before
Epiphone EJ300 – Before
Epiphone EJ300 Acoustic guitar everly brothers pickguard after
Epiphone EJ300 – After


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Everly Brothers pickguard for your guitar

We sell a few variants of tortoiseshell so you can choose for yourself which shade you like best

Celluloid dark red swirl tortoise shell scratchplate material

Vintage Translucent Tortoiseshell pickguard material

See through vintage tortoise scratchplate material

4 ply celluloid brown tortoiseshell scratchplate material





Bright red celluloid tortoise shell scratchplate material 2 ply black scratchplate material sample

1 ply white pickguard material

1 ply vintage white thin pickguard material






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Everly Brothers pickguard for your guitar


Everly Brothers Performing live
Everly Brothers Performing live



Here’s us removing, designing and fitting a Guild F25-12 with our custom Moustache Pickguards. The job was to cover over a natural blemish in the book-matched soundboard which the custom didn’t like. The perfect job for a pair of huge pickguards!

guild F25 pickguard removal
Removing the pickguard carefully without damaging the lacquer
Guild acoustic guitar pickguard removal
Slowly does it, plenty patience and the old guard comes off clean









Guild F25 12 String guitar blemished soundboard
You can see the figure / blemish in the soundboard on either side which we’ll cover up
Guild Moustache Pickguards Everly Brothers
All done! Celluloid Red Tortoise was chosen for the guitar